Breakfast in Hong Kong

Breakfast in Hong Kong

So being ridiculously international, Hong Kong has every type of breakfast known to man, and then some.  And I plan to eat them all.

Lets just dive right in then!  I’ve tried three types of breakfast here in Hong Kong: British, American, and Chinese.

British:  Delicious.  Greasy.  Warming.  Awesome.  Expensive.  Every British pub here (and there is one every 30 feet, kinda like Starbucks in the US.) has a morning breakfast of toast, sausage, beans, tomatoes, ham, portobello mushrooms, and eggs.  If you don’t order a beer with your breakfast you get funny looks from the waitress and the owner calls you a pussy behind your back.  Its British after all, they have a drinking culture that puts the US to shame.

Yorkshire Pudding

G/F, 6 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central, HK


American:  Surprisingly it took one day and two blocks of wandering to find a proper american diner that serves breakfast 24/7!  Its called The Flying Pan and I was in a salmon and bagel kinda mood.  I guess I was missing New York City at the time.


The Flying Pan

G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong


Chinese:  To be 100% fair here, I had never had chinese breakfast before coming to Hong Kong, so I have no clue if the places I went were any good.  Had nothing to compare them to.  Also the place I went for breakfast, twice, was a huge the largest! chain of catering restaurants in Hong Kong.  Called Maxim’s Catering (or MX for short), they serve short order breakfasts, generally in the Chinese style, although they do have a few western imitation items on the menu.  They are an extremely cheap place to get breakfast and both days my breakfast cost me 2-3$ USD.  Day 1 I had congee (rice pudding, similar to oatmeal) with pork and salt, and rice noodles with soy sauce.  It was ok.  The noodles had some Thai peanut sauce on them which made them practically inedible.  Surprisingly, the coffee at MX is fantastic.  Although I have been told that I have horrible taste in coffee, so don’t trust me on that review. Day 2 I had macaroni soup with imitation abalone (read: tofu.  Everything that is “imitation” here is tofu.) and “scrambled eggs” which tasted a bit like snot. One thin piece of mystery meat and chinese style thick toast finished off the meal.  Once again, the coffee and toast was the best part of it.


Maxims Catering (MX)



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